ComplyAdvantage scores $20 million top-up from Goldman Sachs


ComplyAdvantage scores $20 million top-up from Goldman Sachs

AI-based financial crime detection startup ComplyAdvantage has extended its Series C round to $70 million, with a $20 million top-up from Goldman Sachs.

Why work at ComplyAdvantage?

Who better to tell you what life is like at ComplyAdvantage than our very own team. Hear why they love working here – and why you will too. Learn more on

ComplyAdvantage | Empower your financial crime fighters

An estimated $2 trillion is laundered globally each year. We are building the first global connected database of people and companies to power world leading financial crime detection tools.
Visit to empower your financial crime fighters with award-winning AML data and technology.

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ComplyAdvantage offering a ‘next generation’ approach to tackling financial crime

ComplyAdvantage founder Charles Delingpole tells Proactive Investors they’re a team of compliance and risk experts, engineers and data scientists.

He says they’re on a mission to help fight financial crime by revolutionising the way companies protect themselves from criminals, terrorists and money launderers.