EBAday 2021: Modernisation, a catalyst for payments utopia


EBAday 2021: Modernisation, a catalyst for payments utopia

With day two now under our belt, we are only just beginning to digest the eyewatering number of insights shared across six panel sessions, two roundtables, a lively chatroom forum and of course, non-stop networking on the EBAday platform.

Day 9 – Data Entry – Corporate Authorship

This video will help to understand the process of data entry for corporate authorship (seminar, conference, meetings, govt. bodies etc.) as per AACR-2 rule in MARC-21 format.

ACT 2021 – Day 1, Sessions 1 – 3

00:00 Nihil Shah, “Restricting Power: The Pebble-Relation Comonad in Finite Model Theory”
41:26 John van de Wetering, “A categorical construction of the real unit interval”
01:02:58 Titouan Carette, Marc de Visme, Simon Perdrix, “Graphical Language with Delayed Trace: Picturing Quantum Computing with Finite Memory”
01:46:18 George Kaye, Dan R. Ghica, “Rewriting Graphically with Cartesian Traced Categories”
02:11:50 Paul Wilson, Fabio Zanasi, “The Cost of Compositionality: A High-Performance Implementation of String Diagram Composition”
02:33:55 Sean Tull, “A Categorical Semantics of Fuzzy Concepts in Conceptual Spaces”
03:16:34 Toby St Clere Smithe, “Polynomial Life: the Structure of Adaptive Systems”
03:38:03 Matteo Capucci, Bruno Gavranovic, Jules Hedges, Eigil Rischel, “Towards foundations of categorical cybernetics”

For more details and the other talks, please go to: https://www.cl.cam.ac.uk/events/act2021/

Client Conversations: A Conversation with John Messervy AIA

John will share the MGH Brigham story of Strategic Energy Planning, Resilience Planning and their progressive approach to energy and carbon reduction for the large and complex portfolio of buildings that make up MGH Brigham (Formerly Partners). The journey to this progressive approach is a story worth hearing, including how healthcare clients think about healthy buildings and their role in the larger community. John is an insightful leader of capital projects and has been an ongoing participant in the BSA, the BSA Board and National Design Community.

CONFidence 2021: See Ya Sharp: A Loader’s Tale – Max “Libra” Kersten

Simply distributing malware is not a viable strategy anymore for criminal actors. To combat the ever increasing defense mechanisms, malicious loaders are used. These loaders are meant to conceal the final payload from the prying eyes of anti-virus and anti-malware scanners. Even though these loaders are used over and over, they are often overlooked.

For this exact reason, as well as the fact that the CyaX-Sharp loader (also known as ReZer0) has interesting capabilities, this research focuses on a loader. Whilst being able to load any type of Windows executable, CyaX-Sharp is most often used to drop stealers. This talk provides insight into the loader’s inner workings, the flaw in its payload decryption routine, and an automatic payload and configuration extraction program. After the more technical segment, information will be given about the found samples, and the observed trends within the data.

Because the decrypted payload is stored in a static byte array, and the loader’s configuration is stored in a static string array, they can be extracted using the built-in Dot Net reflection methods without executing the sample, it only needs to be loaded. The automatic extraction makes it possible to parse samples in bulk, which creates the perfect environment to start hunting for more samples.

Using Yara rules that match CyaX-Sharp samples, both older and new samples have been uncovered. These results provide detailed information regarding the amount of samples that have been observed over time, totaling several hundreds. The distribution of the payload’s malware families, the average loader settings, as well as different loader versions, will all be discussed in great detail.

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