Flutterwave names Goldman Sachs MD Gurbhej Dhillon CTO


Flutterwave names Goldman Sachs MD Gurbhej Dhillon CTO

African payments technology unicorn Flutterwave has appointment former Goldman Sachs managing director Gurbhej Dhillon as chief technology officer.

We Are Getting Screwed Over! | 5G C Band N77 FAA FCC

#5g #faa #fcc

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Text Recognition & Translate from Image using Google ML Kit in Flutter

Hello Guys!
In this video I will show you how to use Google ML Kit in Flutter – Text recognition, language identification and translation kits. You will learn how to recognize text from camera photo 🙂
This tutorial is for basic and advanced Flutter developers. Please leave a comment and like and subrscibe to my channel as well 🙂

#flutter #tutorial #mobileapp #app #googlemlkit #machinelearning #ai #pakman #android #ios #listview #builder #ui #animation

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0:00 – Intro
0:13 – Camera
5:10 – Text Recognition
10:15 – Testing text recognition
11:30 – Identify language & Translate
18:30 – Testing translation
19:16 – Outro

Majid Hajian – Let’s Flutter for 40 minutes! | Øredev 2022

Session description: Flutter is a cross-platform, mobile development framework created by Google. Flutter allows developers to create beautiful apps on several platforms from a single codebase with user-centric design in mind. Flutter is well-known for its productive and fast development experiences which I will prove by doing live code. In this session, I will walk you through the fundamentals of Flutter and Dart that make you ready for building your first Flutter app with ease and comfort.

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Website: https://oredev.org
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Trash talk: WHENs and HOWs of Dart VM’s GC | Anna Leushchenko – FlutterVikings

In the dark deeps of Dart VM, where trees are boughy, tracks are twisted, and the space is limited, there lives a bright hero, who always welcomes new visitors, helps them find their way and stay connected to the roots, respects their age; who cares about the environment and diligently collects and recycles the garbage, freeing up space for new visitors.

Garbage Collector rarely gets the love and attention it deserves. Even though every Flutter developer has it as their friend, only few know it close enough, what it is like, and how it behaves.

I am determined to fix this injustice by spreading the word about all the good things Dart VM’s Garbage Collector does: we’ll look at how Dart objects are allocated, managed, and moved around, and when and how they get collected.

Speaker: https://feb2022.fluttervikings.com/speakers/anna_leushchenko

FlutterVikings website: https://fluttervikings.com/
FlutterVikings Twitter: https://twitter.com/FlutterVikings
FlutterVikings Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/fluttervikings/

Flutter Community Twitter: https://twitter.com/FlutterComm