Goldman Sachs executes first OTC crypto trade


Goldman Sachs executes first OTC crypto trade

Goldman Sachs has teamed up with Galaxy Digital Holdings to execute its first over-the-counter crypto options transaction.

Goldman Sachs Becomes The First Ever Bank To Give Bitcoin Backed Loan ����

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With Galaxy Digital, Goldman Sachs marks a milestone with the first over-the-counter crypto trade.

Goldman Sachs is close to announcing that it will be the first major U.S. bank to trade an over-the-counter cryptocurrency transaction. Goldman exchanged a bitcoin-linked instrument known as a non-deliverable option with crypto merchant bank Galaxy Digital. Because of the nature of OTC deals, the move is considered as a significant step forward in the development of crypto markets for institutional investors. According to the firms, by acting as a principal in the transactions, Goldman is taking on more risk than the exchange-based CME Group bitcoin products that it began trading last year.


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Goldman Sachs Has Entered the Crypto Currency Chat…With First OTC Crypto Trade

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